New topics

The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm acted as advisor for transferors when the entire capital of a design agency, specialised in design and packaging, was transferred.

The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm assists an investor in the framework of the litigious performance of an investment agreement and the transfer of foreign companies' shares within a group of listed companies where stakes exceed EUR 1 500 000.

The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm assists and advises a transferee during litigation concerning the termination of support contracts subsequently to transfer where stakes exceed EUR 700 000.

The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm acts alongside a French delegate coproducer for the litigious negotiation and recovery of rights in an audiovisual production where stakes exceed EUR 6 000 000.

The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm assists an international recruitment group when it restructures its activity in France.

The LIGNER & ROCHELET Firm advises a French television channel in the framework of its successive calls for funds, structuring its capital and negotiating a partnership agreement in North America.